Store Update - New Prints (and some old favourites) added!

Lisa Burn Essential Oil Bag Necessary Clutch Wallet New Items Added new print New Styles Reusable Cup Cozy Slimline Wallet store update

Dropping a quick update on a few new items available in the store!  Market season is in full swing, so expect inventory to fluctuate a bit and new items to pop up occasionally as well!

Speaking of Markets, I have a last minute addition to the lineup this Saturday in Mississauga.  Check out the Upcoming Events page for more details!

First off, I would like to feature this new Feather print with metallic gold accents!  Available in limited quantities, you can find it in 4 forms:  Necessary Clutch Wallet, Slimline Wallet, Essential Oil Bag and Reusable Cup Cozy.

Feathers collection in Reusable Cup Cozy, Essential Oil Bag, Slimline Wallet and Necessary Clutch Wallet

In addition to those pictured above, there is a minor update of Slimline's, including the popular Navy Butterfly print and Be Inspired print.  

New inventory:  One Necessary Clutch Wallet and three Slimline Wallets

And last, but not least, three new Essential Oil Bags in Feathers, Navy Butterflies and a restock of Dandelions and Pinwheels.

Inventory Update - 3 Essential Oil Bags in Feathers, Navy Butterflies and Dandelions and Pinwheels

There are some more snack bags in the sewing queue as well as a few new items that should hopefully hit the shop in the next couple of weeks!  Stay tuned!


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