New Product - Keychain Chapstick Holders

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I am pleased to introduce the newest item to Spack Craft's line-up:  the Keychain Chapstick Holder!  They are currently available in three different materials:  Cork, faux leather and glitter vinyl.

Cork Keychain Chapstick Holders

Tiny but mighty, these little guys will help you wrangle those sneaky chapsticks from running away from you!  Clip your chapstick to your purse, wallet, keychain, etc.!

Keychain Chapstick Holder:  Natural Cork

These will be available for $3 each (chapstick not included) and will be available at all shows going forward!

Keychain Chapstick Holders: Faux Leather

Pro-tip:  Spack Craft will be giving away 50 coupons for a $3 item freebie that will be found in the Swag Bag's for the Mother's Day Market event on May 11th in Guelph!  These will be included in that promotion, so come early and check out the booth!

Keychain Chapstick Holders:  Glitter Vinyl

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