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Winter just seems to drag on a little bit in March, but its the perfect time to spend in the sewing studio!  Lots of things are on the go right now, but I wanted to drop a quick post on the new Snack Bags added to the product inventory today and a sneak peak on a new product!

Check out these 6 prints in the Reusable Snack Bag's Collection!  This batch of Snack Bag's feature a new satin label and a slightly different interfacing designed to give the bag some body, but not too much!  Which of these prints do you like the best?

March 2019 new snack bag photos

A new small, but fun and functional product will be coming soon to the website:  Keychain Chapstick Holders! Clip your chapstick to your purse, wallet, keychain, etc. to prevent that sneaky chapstick from running away on you!

Keychain Chapstick Holders - group photo

They will be available in: Purple cork, navy cork, turquoise cork, natural cork, natural cork (metallic rainbow), natural cork (metallic pink), pink glitter vinyl, and black glitter vinyl.

Keychain Chapstick Holder in natural cork

These will be available for $3 each (chapstick not included) and will be available at all shows going forward and on the website soon!  

Pro-tip:  Spack Craft will be giving away 50 coupons for a $3 item freebie that will be found in the Swag Bag's for the Mother's Day Market event on May 11th in Guelph!  These will be included in that promotion, so come early and check out the booth!

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