About Us

Spack Craft came into being originally when I wanted to share my love of knitting and crochet beyond just my family and friends. I have always been an avid crafter, animal enthusiast and nerd, and Spack Craft is the combination of all those things. While I truly love to knit and crochet, I have shifted Spack Craft’s focus more on sewn accessories for both people and their pets.  Check out my designs on Ravelry for my digital knit and crochet patterns!

After leaving the steel industry due to health reasons, I have been turning the lessons and skills earned from my decade as a Quality/Metallurgical Engineer to the products I make for the shop. Even the simplest of designs must be practical, functional and pretty (or "manly" if you are chatting with my Husband)! My wonderful family and friends test my newest products and give me the feedback to make them even better for when I release them for general sale.

Spack Craft is expanding into wallets, purses, and other themed accessories, so please stay tuned for new product launches over the next few months and I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy making them! If you love an item but don’t love the print, please contact me, I might be able to find the perfect fabric for you!

Spack Craft products can also be found at The Handmade House if you prefer to shop in person!