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Lisa Burn new product product launch store update Zip and Go Purse

I am pleased to announce that the first batch of Zip and Go Purses have been added to the store! 

The Zip and Go Purse (pattern by Dog Under My Desk) is the perfect little bag to pick up when you need just the essentials and don't want a larger heavier purse weighing you down for the day!

This purse measures about 9" tall by 7.5" wide with a 30"-55" adjustable cross-body strap.  Please note that there is some variation on the total length of the cross-body strap due to differences in fabric width - I try to give extra length where possible, but it will always be a minimum of 55" total length.

This purse is fully interfaced to give it some body (less floppy!) and features 2 zipper pockets with #5 purse grade zippers in either metallic silver or iridescent rainbow with quality matching Canadian sourced hardware by Emmaline Bags. 

Collage of Zip and Go Purses

I will be adding a custom options form for items in the coming weeks, but if you would like this purse in a different style of print before then, please use the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of the page!


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