New Product - Reusable Cup Cozies

Lisa Burn coffee cup cozies cup cozy eco friendly new product reusable reversible store update

I am thrilled to announce a new product to the lineup this year, reusable and fully reversible cup cozies!  Help reduce waste (paper coffee sleeve usage) while keeping your drink warm, your hands cool and enjoy some of your own style with every cup!

The cup cozy has a different print on each side and uses velcro for easy on and off.  The velcro is attached in such a way that you can have either side facing outwards, making it reversible!  

The cup cozy fits most 12-16 oz cups and all of the current listings are modeled on a large Tim Horton's coffee cup.  

Photo collage of 8 different cup cozies modeled on large Tim Horton's coffee cups

Cup cozies can currently be found under the Misc. section of the website and the collection is currently featured on the main page.

Happy shopping!

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